Legend of Zelda LUV


Credit for this picture goes to AceRacer on deviantart

For Christmas, my mother got me the “Legend of Zelda” 25th anniversary edition 3DS. It came with a limited design 3DS in black with gold detailing and Ocarina of Time 3D. Ever since I started playing it, my luv for LoZ has reawakened.

My phone has gotten LoZ OoT ringtones (Bolero, Saria, and Lullaby, mainly) and I made some Triforce nail art.

Sadly, since my cosplay plans for the future end after Fanime 2012 (due to college payments), any LoZ cosplays I would WANT to do are now on hold for a few years. Luckily, I won’t have to lose all LoZ related hobbies. I’m saving up for a special Ocarina (which I will eventually own), and I’m more than ready and willing to play it every single day. Plus, I can start making my clothes look awesome with LoZ decals, detailings, and maybe I’ll make some new clothes that are LoZ inspired.

Next time I update this particular post, I’ll have pictures with clothing designs, an Ocarina picture, and maybe a video or two with songs. ❤

Until next time!

By sirenskye

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