Sac Anime Winter 2012

This weekend I had the wonderful chance to head to SacAnime Winter convention at the Rad–i mean, the Woodlake Hotel (ewww, I hate the new name) and spend time with new and old friends.

As the first con of 2012 (and the first of my last year cosplaying), I was majorly impressed and Fanime has one hell of a con to top. I have never had so much fun at a convention. Little/no drama. Nothing missing/stolen. Made a TON of new friends. Had lots of pictures taken. What wasn’t to love?

When we arrived on Saturday (about half an hour later than everyone else in our group XD) we dumped our stuff in our friend’s car and wandered. Got some pictures, found almost everyone, and just generally messed around. While our friend ran away to visit other people in a different city, we met up with other assassin cosplayers! 😀 Aside from our group of 5 (2 OCs, an Ezio, an Altair and a Malik) there were a few other Ezios, another Malik, a random Altair, and a LEONARDO DE VINCI <3. Leo got so much love from us, haha! There was a Templar/Maria there (I honestly have no idea) too.

We had to run away to get our room so everyone else could dump their stuff out of the cars, so finding everyone was an adventure all on its own. When we got into the room, our Malik was missing her Altair. While trying to give her instructions, an awesome Brotherhood Ezio with a polearm (pike, i think, to be more specific) was underneath our window, so we used her as our guide for Altair. Poor Ezio looked so confused! But when Altair finally found us, we apologized to Ezio, who said she wasn’t really doing anything. We invited her up and she ended up hanging out with us for most of the day.

Once we got ourselves together and looking like professionals (which is a challenge within itself with all of our craziness, haha!) we headed out again as half the Brotherhood. We met up with the majority of the other assassins and one Master Assassins Ezio (to who my OC friend and I bowed, crying “Maestro!” like the respectful assassinas we are) and made our own little gathering. A Fang (who was our Ezio with a legit belt on Sunday) filmed Brotherhood Ezio pushing my friend and I off a “building” (just a bench, but still funny) and we were almost crying “Maestro, its too high! don’t make us jump!” and she said “Too bad” and when she “pushed us” we screamed so loud we almost gave a nearby trap Ciel a heart attack. We had a few more “playful nudges” before finally filming a pile of dead assassins on the floor.

After a lengthy time screaming and cheering and calling Malik a “novice” we all headed to the pool to put our feet in the water. When we had lost all feeling from the shins down form the cold (at least, I was the only one who put her feet in the cold pool and not the hot tub), we returned to the room for food, Polearm Ezio in tow. We ate, partied in the room for a bit, then some of the others changed to either go raving or swimming. I gave Altaf (my OC friend) a manicure when she realized that it was too cold to swim and there were too many bodies in the hot tub). When we got back to the room, more partying occurred before PoleArm Ezio had to leave for her own hotel room. Around 1, everyone was ready for bed, but the midnight munchies hit so Malik and I drove down to Taco Bell for food. Around 2, everyone was full, tired, and ready to pass out.

I woke up around 8:30 on sunday morning for my panel at 10 (Check us out on Facebook, Samurai Senshi). It went great and I saw our prologue episode for the first time ever, and it BLEW MY MIND. Being a part of this project and hearing my voice alongside so many others is an amazing experience, but seeing a part of it come to life with color and movement is such an amazing feeling. We took a few pictures with the team then headed to Lunch with some of the group. After a rather unhealthy lunch on my part, we hung around the hotel and got checked-out of the room. We had one more mini-gathering of Assassin’s Creed before I had to go. It was really sad to leave and wave to everyone one last time while I was driven away.

I don’t think I’ve ever made this many friends or had this much fun at a convention before. My voice was practically gone, my clothes totally covered in grass and dirt stains, but it was all so worth it. I really hope that I can meet up with everyone else again at the next convention and make an even tighter Brotherhood with my AC friends. ❤

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