Change in Plans. Yay!

A while ago, I posted something about my last year of cosplay and how I was going to stick to making one major cosplay amazingly awesome. Well…yeah, wrong costume to be glorifying. As it were, this costume I’m going to be finishing up first is my Assassin, Larentia Oliveira. A friend and I have a few “undercover” costumes to finish for our beautiful assassinas, which will be our main costumes for everything.

After that, we have a whole bunch of costumes we want to try. (Why is it always I find the best costume ideas AFTER i swear to give up costume making? Haha!)

Although, this will remain my last year of cosplay before the 4 year vanishing act from the cosplay scene. These costumes we will be working so hard on will not make an appearance at any major conventions or be shown off constantly for a while. But they will be made fantastically fabulous in that time. We have plans for a very detailed, almost anatomically accurate, but there’s no way to be so accurate if we can’t breathe underwater (hint hint spoiler spoiler), and we’ll probably have a million trial and test pictures and stuff. I’ll post a couple here if I feel like it.

But these new not so secret costumes have given me some ideas for writing, which can be found on my other blog (check my last post for this link) and I will hopefully have something posted there soon. I might do a prologue or a sneak peek chapter/snippet, I’m not sure yet.

Until next time, dear readers.

By sirenskye

Second blog!

Hey everyone!

I know that I said this blog would be for just about everything, but I changed my mind.

I now have a secondary blog for writing ONLY. Stories, poems, and such.

Its Aelita Meier Stories. Please check it out and subscribe.

I’ll be posting a Prologue to a new story there soon.

By sirenskye