Spring Break : From Fun To Fashionable To Forlorn

Hello Dear Readers!

Today was my first day of classes after spring break. While school went well, there’s something not quite right…

Over break, I went to Vegas with my mom. We visited Hoover Dam on day one, then drove 5 hours to the Grand Canyon, took some beautiful pics, then drove 5 hours back to the hotel where we promptly got food and passed out on day two. Day 3 we returned the car and walked to one of the nearby malls before ditching the clothes we found at Forever 21 to go to the Cirque show. One of the performers gave the little girl in the front row a rose during the act. It was so cute ❤ Days 4 and 5 consisted of shopping, walking, and more shopping.

I ended up coming home with a pair of earrings and a hat as presents, an inglot pigment and sephora pallet for myself, along with a bracelet, a swimsuit, and some new clothes for spring. I got some videos of the shows in Vegas and took lots of pictures. Mom had me posing in a bunch of them, despite my protests. Coming home was great, especially since it meant no more walking till my feet melted for a long while. But after school today, something hit me that I didn’t like.


Credit for this pictures goes to sombrefeline on deviantart.

I feel so…alone. I’ll pick up a mask to work on for a friend, and two seconds later I can’t even look at it anymore. I look at my own masks to work on, and I still can’t bring myself to even reach out for them. Its one of those moments where i cant look at anything without it evoking some harsh, unwanted feeling. I suddenly don’t feel passionate about anything. T\he most i got excited about anything was figuring out a hairpiece I’m wearing in May for a dance. And when I opened a box my wonderful boyfriend sent me full of material to work with. But I don’t feel like moving sometimes.

I really do feel empty. I hardly get to see my friends, at least the ones I’m really close to. I hardly got to spend time with them when I saw them on Saturday…and…I miss my boyfriend…
Ever since we started dating, we’ve always been right there, not more than 15 minutes away from each other. Moving away for college and not getting to see him even every weekend or every other weekend sucks…not to mention lack of cuddling on a rainy day just makes everything gloomier. He really is my everything. He’s the other side of my pairings, the only guy I can ever see myself with. It kills me to be so far away…I hate this feeling…

Well, that’s my sad rant for the day. I’m going to try and be tough and work on some masks. Wish me luck, Dear Readers.

By sirenskye

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