Totally gonna be trying this for Vermillion’s birthday~

de-brief me

I don’t profess to be a pro at macarons – far from it!  But my dad (my mum is going to give him a hand, but I think.. mostly moral support..) wants to give them a go this weekend, so this afternoon, I decided to whip up a batch and walk him through them photo-style so that he at least knows what the mixture should look like at the end of each step… {my parents currently reside in sunny Queensland!}

Personally, I’ve made probably 15 successful batches of macarons, and stuffed up around 5-6 batches (until I worked out what I was doing wrong).  They are such temperamental little buggers and until you work out what to do with your oven (ovens are like cars.. they’re all different with their own little quirks), you’ll have a challenge on your hands overcoming the hurdle that is making a reasonable tasting &…

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