All ther Mermaid Fun! (but first, an update)

Hello everyone!!
Its been way too long, no? But then again, nothing too exciting has happened lately. But now I have enough material for a decent blog post! Yay! That and I promised my boyfriend I’d finally update, and there was no better time to do so than late on this fine Friday night. ^^;;

I visited my aunt and uncle’s house with my boyfriend and took some of the free time we had to finish up an old costume I had been meaning to work on. I got it repaired and fixed up a bit, and took it for a test run, but it still needs a few more additions to make it perfect. Hint: It has to do with the blog title 😉 I’ll post some pictures when its 100% done and beautiful.

A little while back, I saw the Amazing Spider Man with some of my old middle school friends. It was so great to catch up with them after so long, and the movie was spectacular!! The other day I had a video game day with a couple of the same girls, and tat was a ton of fun. So much laughing and lots of awesomeness.

More recently, I finally got into the box of crafting supplies I’ve been meaning to work with and made some fancy mermaid-theme/ocean-theme rings for myself and my other mermaid friend, Vermillion (funny thing is, she’s “Jadein” the mermaid). They turned out so wonderfully! I gladly do commissions, but I won’t recreate certain pieces.
Here’s the rings I made for “Skye”

Skye’s rings.
The ones I made for myself.

Here’s the ones I made for “Jadein”

The rings I made for Jadein

If you can’t see the pics, sorry. 😦 I didn’t want them to overtake the post.

For now, dear readers, I have little else to say except thanks for reading. Until next time, Dear Readers.

By sirenskye

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